Italian Dog Tag

  • Model: MDT210

Italian Dog Tags are Stainless Steel and are rotary engraved with your information. They are supplied with a 70cm chain

Italian Dog Tags are designed to be broken into two halves and the information on them is as follows.
On the Front of the tag:
The TOP half has:
Line 1: District of birth in number format
Line 2: Date of Birth (Lines 1 and Line 2 are in line with each other on the tag)
Line 3: Last Name
Line 4: First Name

The BOTTOM half has:
Line 5: Nationality
Line 6: First year in the Military
Line 7: Religion
Line 8: Blood group and Rhesus factor (Example A RH +)

On the Back of the tag
The info is exactly the same on each half but the halves are swopped around so that when the tag is broken each half has all the info on it.

(If you require more characters then the spaces allow, we will be happy to engrave them for you - just let us know)


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