Available Fonts

The area on a Pet ID Tag is somewhat limited. As a result we normally use single line fonts. We have the following single line fonts available. We recommend the Gothic Font in Capitals (Example below) for the critical information, and unless otherwise specifically requested this is what we use.

Other single line fonts available are:

Font Example Font Name   Font Example Font Name
Avalon   Connected Script
Contempory   Din 1451
Futura   German Gothic
Handel   Helvetica
Stencil Gothic   Stymie 1



The final engraving may not look exactly as shown here. It depends on the amount of information required. These pictures are of the actual font compressed to 60%, which is very close to the normal ratio on our Pet ID Tags. To request another font or Capitals and small letters, please indicate it in the Message block on checkout.

Multi-line (Bold) fonts are also available on request.

For a complete catalog of available fonts click HERE


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