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1. What font do you recommend?
For critical information we would recommend using the "Gothic" font as this is the most easily readable.

To see the usual fonts we here at Fourpaws use click Here, or Click on the "Available Fonts" link under Information.

2. How much information can I fit onto a tag?

General Advice - Less Is More.
There is a small amount of space on a tag and the more you fit the more the software compresses the text and the smaller the engraving gets.

From experience we fit pretty much what spaces are supplied on each tag on this website. However if you require more than the spaces provided, Contact Us and we will work with you.

For Embossed or Debossed Military dog tags - there is a maximum of 5 lines with a maximum of 15 characters per line. A space is also considered a character.


3. Can You Engrave/Emboss a Logo onto my Tag?
There are two parts to this answer:

Engrave: Yes - You would need to supply the Vector file and we would quote only once we have seen the logo in Vector format. By supplying us the logo, you verify that you have the right to use it.
Please use the Contact Us page to do so.

Emboss: We are unable to emboss logos.

4. What process do you use to mark your Military Dog Tags?

The Military Dog Tags in our catalog are either embossed or debossed, using the same CNC machinery that the US Military are currently using.

The images below show various marking methods.

Embossed Debossed Rotary Engraved Laser Engraved

Embossing is where the tag is pressed from the back upwards.
Debossing is where the tag is pressed from the top downwards.

We can rotary engrave the tags. If you need to have them engraved please contact us through our Contact Us  page for a quote.

5. So what do I put on my Military Dog Tags?
The Standard US Military layout is:

<valign=middle> Line 1: Last Name
Line 2: First Name
Line 3: Social Security Number
Line 4: Blood Group
Line 5: Religious Preference

Blood Group is written as Type and the RH is always written as POS or NEG.

You can however put whatever you want within the character limitations of the embossing wheel and to a maximum of 5 lines and 15 characters per line.

To see what your tag will look like go to our Dog Tag Generator.

6. Tell us about your Lost and Found Page.
We sell a product whose main purpose is to keep pets from getting lost.

We looked around the web and most of the websites out there charge to advertise a lost or found pet. This website has other sources of income, we decided to start a section to advertise lost or found pets.

How it works
1) Click on the "Post Lost" or "Post Found" button
2) Fill in the boxes. Nothing is compulsory so fill in what you feel confortable filling in.
3) Click "Submit"
4) This sends us an email with the details, which we then approve. Once we approve the advert it goes onto the page.
5) We have set the adverts to run for 21 days, so if your pet is not found within that period, feel free to post another advert, it costs nothing.
Now if you are sceptical and say "Nothing is for Nothing" and what are you getting out of it?
The answer is simply, once you are reunited with your pet, hopefully you will purchase a tag from us.
This is currently offline as there seemed to be no demand for it. If you want to advertised a lost or found pet drop us and email and we will activate it for you.

7. Using our Shop Order Form.
  1. You need to be registered on our system as well as approved to use the order form.
  2. Either Login via the login page and go to the form or go directly to the form.
  3. If you did not log in, you will need to put your email address and password in the spaces provided to activate the form. If you did login the form will already be activated.
  4. That lets you fill out the rest of the form.
  5. Fill in how many tags you are ordering, which will open up the requisite number of boxes.
  6. Enter a tag description. If you wish to engrave on the front of the tag, click the checkbox. Fill in the engraving details (Front and Back).
  7. If you wish to send us a message with the order, there is a box provided.
  8. Press submit and the form is sent to both you and us in PDF format via email.
  9. If you Logged in via the login page you will need to logout. If you just validated the form on the Order form page, you will automatically be logged out (Security measure).
  10. For a pack of order forms for your shop click HERE. There is a fillable field on each page to insert in your shops name before you print it out.

8. Whats better - Pet ID Tags or Microchips?
Both systems have their Pros and Cons.
In short, a ID Tag is your primary line of defense in the recovery of your lost pet. A Microchip is the backup.
Their ID tag is the first line in getting your pet back because until your pet gets to somewhere where there is a scanner available, nobody knows who they belong to.
In order to be safe all our pets here at Fourpaws wear Pet tags and are Microchipped as well.
We also ensure that their tags are replaced at least annually.

9. How do I track my order?
Once your order has been despatched, we will update it on the website. The cart software will automatically send you the method of delivery as well as the tracking number.

You can then go to the relevant site and enter the tracking number.

10. How do I get the Splitrings to fit onto the thick collar rings?

There are a couple of ways:
1) Use a bigger splitring.
2) We have been told that the easiest is just to use a cable-tie. (We have not used this method.)

We prefer to use as small a ring as possible and believe that we have found a better method.


If your collar has a D-Ring, just turn it so that the flat section is showing and using a Round file, file about away and put the ring on in that section. Once the splitring is on, just thread the flat section back into the collar.
If it's the thick Rogz ring, drill a 2mm hole in the corner of the logo and thread the ring twice, the first time through the hole and the second time the other side of the hole.
11. Why must my JavaScript be enabled?
We have tried to design our website in such a manner that your tags will be accurate with least amount of queries for both you and us. The website uses JavaScript to ensure for example you cannot fit 6 lines onto a small tag or you cannot enter a character that the embossing or debossing wheels do not have.
If your Javascript is enabled and you can get it into the blocks, you will get what you ordered.

12. Why don't you stamp on both sides of your Stamped Tags?
Stamping by its nature compresses the metal under the surface. If we stamped the flip side of the tag it would start pushing the front sides text out.
If you want your tags stamped on both sides we will be happy to do so - just Contact Us and we will be happy to work with you.




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