The Fourpaws Furkids

Meet Bojangles and Jezzabel.

They are both rescues from the SPCA. We sent their DNA off to Muttmix, to see what makes them what they are.



Name Bojangles Jezzabel
Date Arrived

17 July 2010

02 April 2011


Sandton SPCA

Sandton SPCA

What we

Yorky Cross
Fox Terrier or maybe even
Parsons Jack Russel

Border Terrier Cross
maybe Jack Russel

What we
(DNA Profile)

20-36%: American Eskimo Dog
10-19%: Chihuahua
10-19%: Dachshund
10-19%: Rhodesian Ridgeback
0-10%: Scottish Terrier
0-10%: German Shepherd
0-10%: Australian Shepherd

20-36%: Beagle
20-36%: Pug
10-19%: Airedale Terrier
10-19%: Jack Russel
0-10%: Bulldog
0-10%: Miniature Pinscher


This is the biggest surprise.
If we look at the pictures of
the various breeds in his
make-up, we have absolutely
no idea of what is where.

Interesting, and if we look
at a Beagle and a Pug we
can see them in her.
Her legs could be JRT.
Her hair could be Airedale.



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